DAY 69 / 69 OF SEASON 46
First Division Underachievers
  6432168 Fixtures & Results Stat Leaders HOF
Top Players In Points
Serbia Basketball Saša ĐorĐević 176
Baker Island Basketball Marcin Gortat 156
Reunion Basketball Zzz Pasamelabola 146
Argentina Basketball Sebastian Uranga 127
USA Basketball Amar'e Stoudemire 122
Serbia Basketball Milos Hadzic Ii 108
Argentina Basketball Carlo Davin 103
USA Basketball Twopump Chump 100
Spain Basketball Billy Mills 88
Romania Basketball Vince Cartier 86
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Top Players In Assists
Lithuania Basketball Andreas Quickstart 43
Argentina Basketball Haruhiko Npc Griffin 42
Philippines Basketball Gauthier Npc Martin 38
Costa Rica Basketball Pinchito De Merluza 34
USA Basketball Splash Inatortoo 33
Reunion Basketball Zzz Pickandroll 32
Aruba Basketball Carlos Solrac 29
Argentina Basketball Carlo Davin 29
Reunion Basketball E.t. ²³ 27
Romania Basketball New Pg 26
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Top Players In Steals
Serbia Basketball Milos Hadzic Ii 36
Serbia Basketball Saša ĐorĐević 28
Lithuania Basketball Aris™ Linas Kleiza 24
Spain Basketball Pan Tumaca 22
Argentina Basketball Maatias Sandes Jr. 20
Lithuania Basketball Andreas Quickstart 16
Latvia Basketball Vilis Ciekursiteejs 16
Romania Basketball New Pg 14
Australia Basketball Vily Master 14
Lithuania Basketball Arvydas Sabonis 13
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Top Players In Blocks
Argentina Basketball Sebastian Uranga 34
Argentina Basketball Julio Akman 14
USA Basketball Karl Malone 13
Argentina Basketball Maatias Sandes Jr. 13
Australia Basketball Vily Master 12
Brazil Basketball Da Wall 12
Italy Basketball Md E Mescalina 11
Greece Basketball Antonis Fotsis 11
Reunion Basketball Zzz Pickandroll 10
Baker Island Basketball Marcin Gortat 10
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Top Players In Rebounds
Argentina Basketball Sebastian Uranga 140
Reunion Basketball Zzz Pickandroll 76
Baker Island Basketball Marcin Gortat 75
Greece Basketball Chris Deme 72
Argentina Basketball Julio Akman 71
Reunion Basketball Zzz Pasamelabola 63
Greece Basketball Antonis Fotsis 62
Serbia Basketball Lemi Djordjevic 56
Romania Basketball Vince Cartier 53
Romania Basketball Andrei Mihai 53
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Shyminx (1140 posts)

The 1st Division Underachievers will 1 day before all the others, because not all the teams registered in the competition and so are 1 round shorter.

However, I have gone through all the missing teams any that were human owned or teams with players on them have been switched out for the computer teams with no active players.

Please check your schedule for the next round to see you your opponent is going to be.

Good luck to everyone.

11 years ago by Shyminx (1,140) | Like | Comment | Open
vezara (436 posts)

First Division Underachievers not simmed

11 years ago by vezara (436) | Like | Comment | Open
GraVe (1096 posts)

GG Msg!

12 years ago by GraVe (1,096) | Unlike (1) | Comment | Open
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