DAY 69 / 69 OF SEASON 46
Australia Cup
Competition has not been set up for this season yet. However you can browse previous seasons. Just click the season in which you are intersted.
Season 19 63 Thunder Rising mrcavs
Season 18 63 FQA Gold Coast Blaze tozerblaze
Season 17 63 FQA Gold Coast Blaze tozerblaze
Season 16 31 Fugitives Dragon
Season 15 63 New York Dunk N Go Nutz Flyingsushi
Season 14 63 Young Money Cash Money Vix
Season 13 127 Irish Eyes Shyminx
Season 12 63
Season 10 255
Season 9 255
Season 8 255 Arctic Scorpions Willy11
Season 7 255
Season 6 255
Season 5 255
Season 4 255
Season 3 255
Season 2 119
Season 1 102
Top Players In Points
USA Basketball Brim Stone 271
Philippines Basketball Gabe Norwood 258
United Kingdom Basketball Chris Manners 242
China Basketball Grom Hellscream 242
Spain Basketball Wiley Coyote 236
Spain Basketball Jack The Ripper 236
China Basketball Zhang Yunsong© 229
Albania Basketball Lucifer Seba 227
Spain Basketball Bimbo Coles 218
Spain Basketball Capitan Trueno 215
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Top Players In Assists
Germany Basketball Babs P∑nguin 101
USA Basketball Colin Thomas 80
China Basketball Zhang Yunsong© 78
Japan Basketball Kenzon Suzuki 78
Australia Basketball Tony Stark 75
Philippines Basketball Gabe Norwood 60
Equatorial Guinea Basketball Echo™ Killer 57
Hungary Basketball Mrcavs Crooked Alfonso 57
Faroe Islands Basketball Duende Del Bosque 52
Bangladesh Basketball Ryan Seven 51
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Top Players In Steals
Barbados Basketball Spl Junior 65
Japan Basketball Kenzon Suzuki 53
Australia Basketball Tony Stark 52
Howland Island Basketball Oh Kapono 48
USA Basketball Rayo Mcqueen 46
Philippines Basketball S6 Isiah Italiano Thomas 45
Indonesia Basketball Chaos™ 43
Spain Basketball Artful Dodger 43
Australia Basketball Jason Winthrop 43
USA Basketball Colin Thomas 41
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Top Players In Blocks
Finland Basketball Chili Pepper 33
Denmark Basketball Jesper Steensgaard 29
Spain Basketball Bio Hazard 28
Greece Basketball King Arthur 27
Canada Basketball Big Time 26
Brazil Basketball Melle De Loboso 26
Faroe Islands Basketball Duende Del Bosque 25
USA Basketball No Escape 22
Spain Basketball Merlin 21
Bahamas, The Basketball Beast™ 21
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Top Players In Rebounds
Australia Basketball Travis Cloke 96
Bahamas, The Basketball Beast™ 93
Spain Basketball Fernando Martín 88
Australia Basketball Alan Didak 86
Australia Basketball Michael Tonkin 83
USA Basketball Tony Parker 77
Australia Basketball Kevin Carbuncle 75
Australia Basketball Troy Rob 75
San Marino Basketball Silver Dragon 73
Spain Basketball Ivan Alberti Rodamila 70
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