DAY 69 / 69 OF SEASON 46
Australia Cup
  6432168 Fixtures & Results Stat Leaders HOF
Top Players In Points
Spain Basketball Brian Cardinal 153
Ukraine Basketball Błazen Stańczyk 143
Lithuania Basketball Darius Kairiarankis 120
USA Basketball John Kiser 119
Hungary Basketball Sqar 93
USA Basketball Yinka Yare 87
Philippines Basketball Brian Cohen 84
Lithuania Basketball Eric Disouza 83
Poland Basketball Danny Granger 78
Israel Basketball Hosea Four 70
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Top Players In Assists
Italy Basketball Joey Zasa 60
Israel Basketball Gerd Wiesler 28
Poland Basketball Dale Davis 27
USA Basketball Mel Daniels 24
Lithuania Basketball Marcus Olbutas 23
Hungary Basketball Sqar 22
Peru Basketball Magoo T-rex™ 20
Ukraine Basketball Błazen Stańczyk 19
USA Basketball Billy Knight 19
Canada Basketball Fingers Mcgee 18
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Top Players In Steals
USA Basketball Billy Knight 33
Canada Basketball Fingers Mcgee 22
Faroe Islands Basketball Joakim Falker 18
Poland Basketball Mrcavs F 15e Strike Eagle 17
Lithuania Basketball Eric Disouza 16
USA Basketball Tyson Chandler 14
Canada Basketball Nic Leclair 13
USA Basketball Mel Daniels 12
USA Basketball Carlos Boozer 12
Barbados Basketball Gus Othello 12
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Top Players In Blocks
Mexico Basketball Mrcavs Rah-66 Comanche 25
Israel Basketball Gerd Wiesler 23
USA Basketball Ron Bonham 18
Poland Basketball Dale Davis 17
USA Basketball Greg Oden 16
Israel Basketball One Samuel Seventeen Fifty 13
Brazil Basketball Cafu, Jr. 13
Philippines Basketball Gremmie Wurmsbane 13
Poland Basketball Mrcavs Apache 11
USA Basketball All American 11
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Top Players In Rebounds
Israel Basketball One Samuel Seventeen Fifty 67
USA Basketball All American 66
Canada Basketball White Russian 54
Ukraine Basketball Błazen Stańczyk 43
Baker Island Basketball Mister Dunk 42
Howland Island Basketball Mrcavs Rebounder 41
Spain Basketball Blonde Dragon 39
USA Basketball Kevin Durant 37
Philippines Basketball Gremmie Wurmsbane 37
USA Basketball Ron Bonham 36
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