DAY 69 / 69 OF SEASON 46
Australia Cup
  6432168 Fixtures & Results Stat Leaders HOF
Top Players In Points
Philippines Basketball Lachlan Williams 193
USA Basketball Calamity Jane 185
USA Basketball Gunnery Sergeant Hartman 159
Italy Basketball Next Magician 142
Spain Basketball Brian Cardinal 133
Philippines Basketball Kevin Durant 130
Hong Kong Basketball Wang Zhi Zhi 122
Spain Basketball Albert Siches 122
Hong Kong Basketball Maggie Tang Jr. 116
Belgium Basketball Erin Grant 115
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Top Players In Assists
Australia Basketball Benjamin Passfield 31
USA Basketball Wave Runner 30
Hong Kong Basketball Rufus 26
Australia Basketball Black Mamba 26
Australia Basketball Johnny Flynn 26
USA Basketball Chauncey Billups 25
USA Basketball Mel Daniels 24
USA Basketball Amare Stoudamire 23
Germany Basketball Not In Chris' House 23
Israel Basketball Tha Terminator 22
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Top Players In Steals
Taiwan Basketball Panda Law Jr. 44
USA Basketball Mel Daniels 38
Lithuania Basketball S.t. Doug Christie 31
Germany Basketball Hyperactive Magician 29
Sweden Basketball Phyllis Magoo 25
Brazil Basketball Adriana Lima 24
Ireland Basketball Laser Lynx 24
Spain Basketball Salvatore Tessio 23
Brazil Basketball Psycho Magoo 20
Spain Basketball Jack In The Box 20
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Top Players In Blocks
Pitcairn Islands Basketball Darth Sidious 24
South Korea Basketball Fists Of Fury 21
Poland Basketball Dale Davis 20
Israel Basketball Tha Terminator 19
USA Basketball Wave Runner 18
France Basketball Matt Pf 16
Spain Basketball Two Kings Two Twenty Four 16
San Marino Basketball Darth Bane 15
New Zealand Basketball Cambus Nitram 15
USA Basketball Carmelo Anthony 15
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Top Players In Rebounds
Poland Basketball Dale Davis 82
Philippines Basketball Cleaning Station 75
Niger Basketball Ibidolapo Obayomi 66
USA Basketball Ron Bonham 65
USA Basketball Mel Daniels 58
Israel Basketball Tha Terminator 56
USA Basketball Wave Runner 52
Germany Basketball Not In Chris' House 52
United Kingdom Basketball Nando Sharkman 51
San Marino Basketball Darth Bane 51
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