DAY 69 / 69 OF SEASON 46
Lithuania Cup
  32168 Fixtures & Results Stat Leaders HOF
Top Players In Points
Australia Basketball Dominique Wilkins 123
USA Basketball Atila ²³ 111
Lithuania Basketball Aris™ Martynas Pocius 108
USA Basketball 100
Puerto Rico Basketball Nicholas Van Orton 96
Philippines Basketball Eager Beaver 94
USA Basketball Black Out 92
Canada Basketball Sploxion Assassin 89
Lithuania Basketball Timberis Nogensas 88
Antigua and Barbuda Basketball Biological Hazard ® 88
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Top Players In Assists
Spain Basketball Chuck Norris 35
Spain Basketball Big Max 34
USA Basketball Bap™ 31
Guernsey Basketball Colton Harris Moore 27
Lithuania Basketball Linas Kleizinis 26
Hungary Basketball Lounge Lizard 26
Poland Basketball Aris™ Frosty Bomber 24
Israel Basketball Sgt. Donny Donowitz 22
Latvia Basketball Sir Bloxalot 22
Antigua and Barbuda Basketball Bacillus Anthrax ® 22
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Top Players In Steals
Lithuania Basketball Martynas Traktoristas 39
Palmyra Atoll Basketball Blocker Man2 19
Antigua and Barbuda Basketball Bacillus Anthrax ® 19
Spain Basketball Sp Olentzero 17
USA Basketball Saber Pegu 17
Guernsey Basketball Colton Harris Moore 15
Australia Basketball Toni™ Zarzaquemada 15
Wallis and Futuna Basketball Neca Lyderis 14
Djibouti Basketball Mrcavs Thanks Cchrisc773 13
France Basketball Boris Diaw 12
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Top Players In Blocks
Lithuania Basketball Sabonis 123 19
Spain Basketball Big Max 18
Ireland Basketball Josh Smith 17
Australia Basketball Wreak Havoc 16
Philippines Basketball Stuffed Cunce™ 13
Poland Basketball Insane Wolf 13
Australia Basketball Feng Shui 13
South Korea Basketball Ping Pong 13
Philippines Basketball Mrcavs Fly Swatt 12
France Basketball Eat Itt 12
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Top Players In Rebounds
Laos Basketball Toni™ Comandate Spock 46
Tokelau Basketball Aris™ Kevin Garnett 40
Australia Basketball Matthew Seventeen Twenty 38
Howland Island Basketball Mrcavs Rebounder 36
Spratly Islands Basketball George Mikan 34
Australia Basketball Judges One Two 33
Lithuania Basketball Ilgas Blokas 30
Canada Basketball White Russian 30
USA Basketball Full Forc∑ Project 29
Finland Basketball Cobo El Cantabro Fines 28
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