DAY 69 / 69 OF SEASON 46
Lithuania Cup
  6432168 Fixtures & Results Stat Leaders HOF
Top Players In Points
USA Basketball David "noodles" Aaronson 368
Germany Basketball Angela Merkel 300
Brazil Basketball Hedo Turkoglu 300
Lithuania Basketball Jonas "shooter" Brunza Jr. 264
Japan Basketball Taro Aso 264
Germany Basketball Sabine Kregelin 260
Poland Basketball The Mailman 252
Philippines Basketball Rambunctious 248
Poland Basketball Rampage 244
Lithuania Basketball Chaos™ 244
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Top Players In Assists
France Basketball Chris Duhon 114
Lithuania Basketball Naujas Metikas 98
Ireland Basketball Yel00 Thrasher 92
Ireland Basketball Red X Dragon 88
USA Basketball Liquor Thief 86
Lithuania Basketball Traidenis Npc Adomaitis 78
USA Basketball Melvin Udall 74
USA Basketball Smokey Elephant 72
Lithuania Basketball Versus™ 66
Czech Republic Basketball Václav Klaus 64
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Top Players In Steals
France Basketball Chris Duhon 138
Australia Basketball Brandon Bass 96
Spain Basketball Dr. Hannibal Lecter 74
USA Basketball Liquor Thief 66
Poland Basketball Tworek Piaty 56
Lithuania Basketball Versus™ 52
Russia Basketball Dmitry Medvedev 52
Morocco Basketball Ezekiel Jackson 50
Ukraine Basketball Paskutinis Imperatorius 48
Ireland Basketball The Miz 46
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Top Players In Blocks
Aruba Basketball Jay Mac I 66
Australia Basketball S.t. Landry Fields 56
USA Basketball Melvin Udall 38
Philippines Basketball Quick Refund 36
Australia Basketball Monster Mash 32
USA Basketball Quidel Lalawethika 32
Philippines Basketball Denny Radaman 30
Spain Basketball Serge Ibaka 28
Lithuania Basketball Blokeris Aukstas 4 26
Lithuania Basketball Stealeris Blockeris 26
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Top Players In Rebounds
Ireland Basketball Yel00 Thrasher 198
Philippines Basketball Denny Radaman 192
USA Basketball John Taylor 170
Aruba Basketball Jay Mac I 132
Australia Basketball Monster Mash 128
USA Basketball Quidel Lalawethika 120
USA Basketball Gimme That 114
Lithuania Basketball Centriukas Sanciai 102
USA Basketball Liquor Thief 102
Lithuania Basketball Blokeris Aukstas 4 98
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