DAY 69 / 69 OF SEASON 46
Poland Cup
Competition has not been set up for this season yet. However you can browse previous seasons. Just click the season in which you are intersted.
Season 19 31 Krakow Ancient Kings Seba76
Season 17 31 Krakow Ancient Kings Seba76
Season 16 15 Lech Poznan promilandia
Season 15 63 Chorzw Squad marcin23vip
Season 14 63 Kill-Devil Of Poland kojak33
Season 13 127 Endi's Fun Team Seba76
Season 12 63
Season 11 255
Season 10 255
Season 9 255
Season 8 255 4th Quarter Aces Wbn WBN
Season 7 255
Season 6 255
Season 5 255
Season 4 255
Season 3 255
Season 1 134
Top Players In Points
Bulgaria Basketball Road Runner 171
Poland Basketball Johny Johny 168
Poland Basketball Piotr Wionczyk 157
Estonia Basketball Riivo Vähk 139
Chile Basketball Felipe Lee 99
Poland Basketball Janusz Dramat 97
Canada Basketball Saad Majid 97
Chile Basketball Sebastian Gomez 97
France Basketball Dante Vlasie 93
India Basketball Maxim Anarki 87
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Top Players In Assists
Bulgaria Basketball Road Runner 62
Poland Basketball Johny Johny 62
Poland Basketball Piotr Wionczyk 56
Estonia Basketball Riivo Vähk 43
Chile Basketball Felipe Lee 38
Canada Basketball Saad Majid 38
Philippines Basketball Jean Leo"ang May Sala" Delen 34
Poland Basketball Janusz Dramat 33
France Basketball Dante Vlasie 33
Chile Basketball Sebastian Gomez 32
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Top Players In Steals
Poland Basketball Tom Leskieira 17
Bulgaria Basketball Road Runner 16
Poland Basketball Piotr Wionczyk 11
Poland Basketball Johny Johny 11
India Basketball Maxim Anarki 9
France Basketball Dante Vlasie 9
Poland Basketball Sir. Adam 9
USA Basketball Mosu' Grasu' 9
Canada Basketball Vince Mccman 8
Poland Basketball Narcyz Jablon 7
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Top Players In Blocks
Estonia Basketball Riivo Vähk 9
Germany Basketball Andre Big 7
Uruguay Basketball Tom Gomes 7
Lithuania Basketball God Kelvin 6
Poland Basketball Poppa Smurf 6
Poland Basketball Johny Johny 6
Poland Basketball Carmelo Anthony 5
Poland Basketball Kobe Zduncan 5
Tajikistan Basketball Sdf Re 5
Poland Basketball Huljic Npc Davon 5
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Top Players In Rebounds
Estonia Basketball Riivo Vähk 80
Poland Basketball Johny Johny 76
Poland Basketball Piotr Wionczyk 65
Poland Basketball Narcyz Jablon 57
Bulgaria Basketball Road Runner 56
India Basketball Maxim Anarki 50
Poland Basketball Janusz Dramat 49
Poland Basketball Bartek Krok 46
Canada Basketball Saad Majid 45
Poland Basketball Gabriel "sylar" Petrelli 44
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