DAY 69 / 69 OF SEASON 46
Euro West Playground
Only players born between seasons 37 and 43. can play here
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darjus7 (3 posts)

mine 5 players need contracts please invite into team

10 years ago by darjus7 (3) | Like | Comment | Open
Fredo (630 posts)

Congratz :)

10 years ago by Fredo (630) | Like | Comment | Open
themongoose (67 posts)

looking for team
S25 day 12 v82.7 Shooting Guard

11 years ago by themongoose (67) | Like | Comment | Open
Breine524 (186 posts)

My team in Rookie Creation Challenge is in need of 2 SG Floor Shooter and 2 C Inside Scorer. Born on s27. Playing time is guaranteed. I just need a short run for the remainder of the season. If anyone is interested, you can hit me a message. Good day. Cheers. :)

11 years ago by Breine524 (186) | Like | Comment | Open
vitto16theboss (52 posts)

looking for a contract: cyberdunk.com/player.php?id=1933441&n=Vittorio%20Tonini

12 years ago by vitto16theboss (52) | Like | Comment | Open
mastermind777 (56 posts)

You think your team is the best? Sign up right now for the Adidas Elite 16 ---> http://cyberdunk.com/team.php?m=marathons

12 years ago by mastermind777 (56) | Like | Comment | Open
comebackking777 (64 posts)

Bring your A game to the Nike Hoop Summit, 32 teams max ---> http://www.cyberdunk.com/team.php?m=marathons

12 years ago by comebackking777 (64) | Like | Comment | Open
aaronbaker46 (6 posts)

omenm shy and minx I need to be released from the D-league Announcers (Wyatt Baker) but the manager wont for some reason

12 years ago by aaronbaker46 (6) | Like | Comment | Open
ar17 (57 posts)

Worldwide High School Invitation Tournament 8 teams MAXIMUM! Register today ---> http://www.cyberdunk.com/team.php?m=marathons

12 years ago by ar17 (57) | Like | Comment | Open
PWBaker58 (229 posts)

Trash talSign ur player onto the Quebec Nordiques sign ur players onto The North America Playground League in the Quebec Nordiques!! Please.. Thank u for your timek here at will...

12 years ago by PWBaker58 (229) | Like | Comment | Open
clutchmittens (56 posts)

International competition 32 teams MAXIMUM! Register today ---> http://www.cyberdunk.com/team.php?m=marathons

12 years ago by clutchmittens (56) | Like | Comment | Open
Omnem (1780 posts)
Welcome to our new community update. Each league has recieved its own wall and we have added a new ingame forum at http://cyberdunk.com/team.php?m=community .

We believe this will increase interaction and activity between users. Currently our user interaction is pretty limited to our forum at www.talkdep.com .

This will change that, giving you the ability to interact with people playing in your league and everywhere in the game.

If you need any help contact Dragon or Shyminx.

13 years ago | Like | Comment | Open
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USA Basketball Dada Cunce ™ 1015
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Poland Basketball I Wrestled A Bear Once 98
USA Basketball Killer Tomatoes 98
Equatorial Guinea Basketball Aaron Kwok 93
Poland Basketball Dada In Pieces™ 88
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