DAY 69 / 69 OF SEASON 46
Ancestorian Cup
  Pools 1684 Fixtures & Results Stat Leaders HOF
Top Players In Points
USA Basketball Radiant 416
Hong Kong Basketball Mayhem In The Middle 388
Australia Basketball F^2 Inside 381
Ireland Basketball Mrrager Bonaq 370
Canada Basketball Echo Inside Threat 359
USA Basketball Silent Bliss 345
Hong Kong Basketball S.t. Dirk Nowitzki 340
USA Basketball Turkey Creek Jack Johnson 332
Morocco Basketball Tapt Av Hap 319
Ireland Basketball Around Bonaq 292
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Top Players In Assists
Hong Kong Basketball S.t. Dennis Rodman 175
USA Basketball Joe Blow 172
Australia Basketball Viktor Von Klaver 97
Hong Kong Basketball S.t. Patrick Ewing 84
Morocco Basketball Ibn Al-avtenved 79
Spain Basketball Gabriel Mederos 74
Canada Basketball Echo™ S17 - Luffy 73
Canada Basketball Echo Rebounder 71
USA Basketball Artificially Disabled 70
French Polynesia Basketball Brea Lynn 69
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Top Players In Steals
Australia Basketball F^2 Steal 98
Ireland Basketball Karen Gilligan 94
Nepal Basketball Tastes Like Kevin Bacon 87
Japan Basketball Stealer Bench 64
Faroe Islands Basketball Stickier Pilferman 61
Liechtenstein Basketball Sabine Dunser 59
Finland Basketball Beyond The Veil 57
Hong Kong Basketball S.t. Scottie Pippen 49
USA Basketball Russell Hill 39
Japan Basketball Guard Bench 37
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Top Players In Blocks
Hong Kong Basketball S.t. Nene 55
USA Basketball Busy Body 48
Argentina Basketball Monte Negro 42
USA Basketball Dynamite Unblown 42
USA Basketball Joe Blow 41
Canada Basketball S17 Mentor 39
Canada Basketball Not Yet 35
Canada Basketball Echo™ S17 - Luffy 35
USA Basketball Artificially Disabled 34
Ireland Basketball Colin Naughton 33
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Top Players In Rebounds
USA Basketball Artificially Disabled 284
Canada Basketball Not Yet 270
Canada Basketball Echo Rebounder 266
USA Basketball Joe Blow 266
Hong Kong Basketball S.t. Dennis Rodman 256
Hong Kong Basketball S.t. Kevin Love 224
Japan Basketball Boss Bench 186
USA Basketball B Swift 149
USA Basketball Gerald Thomas 146
Lithuania Basketball Jeronimas Pilipauskas 144
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Analflute (149 posts)

Two teams that I manage/help manage in final? Yay, that's awesome :D.

10 years ago by Analflute (149) | Like | Comment | Open
adrijus.g (160 posts)

Oh balls..... didn't win it! Good game Dragon. Congrats. Wasn't too far off but you deserve it.

11 years ago by adrijus.g (160) | Like | Comment | Open
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