DAY 69 / 69 OF SEASON 46
Ancestorian Cup
  Pools 1684 Fixtures & Results Stat Leaders HOF
Top Players In Points
Ireland Basketball Jamma Whamma 292
Ireland Basketball Jamma Blamma 292
Russia Basketball Neznani Junak 226
USA Basketball Erick Green 221
USA Basketball Jerel Mcneal 210
Latvia Basketball Iman Shumphert 210
Anguilla Basketball Iago Losada 190
Anguilla Basketball Bruno Ferreirovic 189
Anguilla Basketball Javier Soto 182
Lithuania Basketball John Quickstart 177
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Top Players In Assists
Ireland Basketball Dia Tribe 147
USA Basketball Andrew Wiggins 102
Brazil Basketball Luis "the King" 97
Anguilla Basketball Javier Soto 81
Spain Basketball Tonino Sf 81
Cyprus Basketball Max Power 62
USA Basketball Curacao Quickstart 51
Spain Basketball Tonino Sg 49
Lithuania Basketball Eduardas Jucys 48
Germany Basketball Dolph Schmidt 44
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Top Players In Steals
Ireland Basketball Dia Tribe 54
Brazil Basketball Luis "the King" 39
Anguilla Basketball Juan Antonio San Epifanio 36
Anguilla Basketball Iago Losada 34
Anguilla Basketball Chicho Sibilio 34
USA Basketball Nick King 32
USA Basketball Jerel Mcneal 26
Ireland Basketball Woot Iv 23
Philippines Basketball Aries Divinagracia 23
Lithuania Basketball Eduardas Jucys 23
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Top Players In Blocks
Brazil Basketball Luis "the Blocker" 37
Jersey Basketball Kieron Clark 30
Anguilla Basketball Javier Soto 26
Lithuania Basketball John Quickstart 24
USA Basketball Andrew Wiggins 23
Spain Basketball Tonino Sf 22
Ireland Basketball Ermmm Not 19
United Kingdom Basketball Francis Crick 18
Anguilla Basketball Bruno Ferreirovic 18
Ireland Basketball Woot Iv 17
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Top Players In Rebounds
Brazil Basketball Luis "the Blocker" 158
Spain Basketball Tonino Sf 138
Lithuania Basketball John Quickstart 129
Anguilla Basketball Javier Soto 110
Anguilla Basketball Bruno Ferreirovic 110
Ireland Basketball Woot Iv 102
USA Basketball Aaron Gordon 98
USA Basketball Dakari Johnson 89
Ireland Basketball Woot Three 84
USA Basketball Andrew Wiggins 84
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Analflute (149 posts)

Two teams that I manage/help manage in final? Yay, that's awesome :D.

10 years ago by Analflute (149) | Like | Comment | Open
adrijus.g (160 posts)

Oh balls..... didn't win it! Good game Dragon. Congrats. Wasn't too far off but you deserve it.

11 years ago by adrijus.g (160) | Like | Comment | Open
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