DAY 69 / 69 OF SEASON 46
First Division Underachievers
  Pools 1684 Fixtures & Results Stat Leaders HOF
Top Players In Points
Libya Basketball Enigma ©¹³ 396
Kyrgyzstan Basketball Alfred ©¹³ 294
Finland Basketball Gk | Shoot Da Threepointer 286
Reunion Basketball Bomber Dragon Jr. 281
Spratly Islands Basketball Melvin Udall 281
USA Basketball Falkoii Falkoii 281
Gambia Basketball Pluto ©¹³ 269
USA Basketball Jeanolo Louis Pf 269
Samoa Basketball Jimmy 'nightmare' Alualualualua Jr. 262
Serbia Basketball Radivoj Korac 258
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Top Players In Assists
Brazil Basketball Otulos Gomes 104
Gambia Basketball Pluto ©¹³ 87
Liberia Basketball Ansu Fofana 77
Israel Basketball Nitzan Avraham 74
Bhutan Basketball Ozzy Lamar 74
Guinea Basketball Paul Pierce 72
USA Basketball Kobe Bryant 67
Spain Basketball Han Solo 64
Libya Basketball Enigma ©¹³ 64
Israel Basketball Yarden Dotan 62
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Top Players In Steals
Australia Basketball Barbie Almalbis 76
USA Basketball Buster Douglas 61
Saint Lucia Basketball Gk | Steal Da Ball 51
Andorra Basketball Toni™ Tana Umaga 47
Spain Basketball Constitucional Ii ©¹³ 46
Bulgaria Basketball Darth Dampier 44
Portugal Basketball José Mourinho 31
Brazil Basketball Bruno Gomes 31
United Kingdom Basketball Dux Rose 25
Guinea Basketball Dadaye Dia 23
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Top Players In Blocks
Isle of Man Basketball Gk | Block Da Rebounda 49
Australia Basketball Keeley Hazell 41
USA Basketball Matt 'b-52' Anderson 39
Finland Basketball Leeni-maria Hovila 38
New Caledonia Basketball Gk | Blockade 37
Dominica Basketball Gk | Blocking Da Ball 36
Germany Basketball Nick Glarus 34
USA Basketball Harley Quinn ©¹³ 31
Liberia Basketball Charlie Sheen ©¹³ 30
Australia Basketball Scarlett Johansson 29
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Top Players In Rebounds
Australia Basketball Jun Natsukawa 210
Australia Basketball Lockett Hall 182
Australia Basketball Christina Hendricks 170
Germany Basketball Nick Glarus 157
USA Basketball Straton Haws 156
Isle of Man Basketball Gk | Block Da Rebounda 153
Estonia Basketball Bob Harvey 150
Spain Basketball Isma Torres 149
Finland Basketball Leeni-maria Hovila 149
United Kingdom Basketball Beurre Haws 148
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Shyminx (1140 posts)

The 1st Division Underachievers will 1 day before all the others, because not all the teams registered in the competition and so are 1 round shorter.

However, I have gone through all the missing teams any that were human owned or teams with players on them have been switched out for the computer teams with no active players.

Please check your schedule for the next round to see you your opponent is going to be.

Good luck to everyone.

11 years ago by Shyminx (1,140) | Like | Comment | Open
vezara (436 posts)

First Division Underachievers not simmed

11 years ago by vezara (436) | Like | Comment | Open
GraVe (1096 posts)

GG Msg!

12 years ago by GraVe (1,096) | Unlike (1) | Comment | Open
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