DAY 69 / 69 OF SEASON 46
Minors Underachivers Cup
  Pools 321684 Fixtures & Results Stat Leaders HOF
Top Players In Points
USA Basketball Gunna J 320
Turkmenistan Basketball I Shot Itt 6 317
Turkmenistan Basketball Stephen Macey 271
Brazil Basketball Paulão Prestes 269
Brazil Basketball Irradiated Executioner 250
Germany Basketball Rim Rattler 221
Puerto Rico Basketball Lights Out 217
Netherlands Basketball Rim Rocker 210
Russia Basketball Net Popper 205
USA Basketball Balshaya Svinya 196
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Top Players In Assists
Luxembourg Basketball Hasparren 103
Peru Basketball Boom Bam 84
Brazil Basketball Safe Guard 79
USA Basketball Msgt James 71
Morocco Basketball Tapt Av Hap 69
San Marino Basketball Bunga Bunga 68
Czech Republic Basketball Kryštof Kratochvíl 68
Serbia Basketball Torrejon Total 56
Brazil Basketball Floating Solution 54
Australia Basketball Larry Bird 52
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Top Players In Steals
Luxembourg Basketball Hasparren 97
Brazil Basketball Qick Act 77
Brazil Basketball Safe Guard 76
Australia Basketball Wrong Cunce™ 49
USA Basketball Alex Storm 46
Brazil Basketball Tyrant Warrior 44
Brazil Basketball Infected Runner 40
Nepal Basketball Tastes Like Kevin Bacon 36
Portugal Basketball Ovisorrab 28
Australia Basketball Ladron Pasador 26
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Top Players In Blocks
Peru Basketball Boom Bam 40
USA Basketball Msgt James 38
Ethiopia Basketball Baby Shaq 35
Morocco Basketball Tapt Av Hap 28
Afghanistan Basketball Board Beast 26
Luxembourg Basketball Hasparren 25
Canada Basketball Greg Wiltjer 24
Cambodia Basketball Mr Vampire 22
Canada Basketball Money Back 22
Turkmenistan Basketball Stephen Macey 20
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Top Players In Rebounds
USA Basketball Msgt James 187
Luxembourg Basketball Hasparren 174
Peru Basketball Boom Bam 169
Spain Basketball Recoil™ 146
Iceland Basketball Mournful Euphony 143
Costa Rica Basketball Little Stopper 134
Australia Basketball Jock-man Raking It In 117
Portugal Basketball Francisco Leite 109
Australia Basketball Paolo Gay 102
Canada Basketball Greg Wiltjer 97
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torri90 (42 posts)

First Title Cup!

11 years ago by torri90 (42) | Unlike (1) | Comment | Open
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