DAY 69 / 69 OF SEASON 46
Parks Underachievers Cup
  6432168 Fixtures & Results Stat Leaders HOF
Top Players In Points
Spain Basketball Rudy Fernandez 227
Philippines Basketball Brenelyn Sim 219
Spain Basketball Lr ® Goku 187
Nicaragua Basketball Paquito Diaz 175
Philippines Basketball Lito Lapid 171
Israel Basketball Harel Dahan 128
Monaco Basketball Patrice Lagrange 107
Australia Basketball Kobe Bryant 103
International Basketball Npc 89
Australia Basketball Kareem Abdul-jabbar 87
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Top Players In Assists
International Basketball Npc 52
Philippines Basketball Lito Lapid 52
Philippines Basketball Brenelyn Sim 44
Latvia Basketball Busljeta Npc Moric 38
Israel Basketball Marino Npc Emilio 37
International Basketball Npc 32
International Basketball Npc 28
Israel Basketball Harel2 Dahan2 28
International Basketball Npc 27
Australia Basketball Denzel Npc Kerr 24
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Top Players In Steals
Latvia Basketball Rita Dzerina 15
Australia Basketball Kobe Bryant 13
Brazil Basketball Betinho Santos 13
Sweden Basketball Chris Paul 12
Spain Basketball Rudy Fernandez 9
International Basketball Npc 8
Australia Basketball Jock-man Dark Knight 8
Philippines Basketball Boom Boom Bautista 7
Israel Basketball Harel Dahan 7
Nicaragua Basketball Paquito Diaz 7
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Top Players In Blocks
Spain Basketball Rudy Fernandez 17
Philippines Basketball Boom Boom Bautista 14
Spain Basketball Lr ® Goku 11
Latvia Basketball Rita Dzerina 11
Angola Basketball Max Alvarado 10
Philippines Basketball Brenelyn Sim 9
Philippines Basketball Lito Lapid 7
International Basketball Npc 6
Algeria Basketball Ty Npc Jinsei 4
International Basketball Npc 4
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Top Players In Rebounds
Nicaragua Basketball Paquito Diaz 133
Philippines Basketball Boom Boom Bautista 100
Israel Basketball Harel Dahan 93
Latvia Basketball Rita Dzerina 89
International Basketball Npc 84
Spain Basketball Rudy Fernandez 84
Angola Basketball Max Alvarado 81
Australia Basketball Dave Dave 79
Philippines Basketball Lito Lapid 78
Philippines Basketball Brenelyn Sim 65
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dallybag (314 posts)

Bearcats, ultimate underachievers...

12 years ago by dallybag (314) | Like | Comment | Open
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