DAY 69 / 69 OF SEASON 46
Hristo`s Trophy
  Pools 1684 Fixtures & Results Stat Leaders HOF
Top Players In Points
Jamaica Basketball Majstor Lale 217
Montenegro Basketball Mihailich Illic 198
Philippines Basketball Last Forward 182
Taiwan Basketball Fish Hsieh 178
Spain Basketball Alex Mumbru 177
Turkey Basketball Salla Bisi 164
Philippines Basketball Mikhael Layese 152
Romania Basketball Arcius Pf 151
USA Basketball Kenneth Faried 148
Dhekelia Basketball Agente Panda 135
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Top Players In Assists
Philippines Basketball Equal Stretch 76
Philippines Basketball Mikhael Layese 61
USA Basketball Kobe Bryant 59
Philippines Basketball Billy Magpantay 51
Taiwan Basketball Bearhong Chang 48
Taiwan Basketball Ray Huang 45
USA Basketball Rodolfo Npc Skyler 44
Canada Basketball The End 43
Hungary Basketball Yukihisa Npc Trent 43
Serbia Basketball Dusan Blagojevic 38
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Top Players In Steals
Turkey Basketball Salla Bisi 41
China Basketball Vampire Zack 27
Palmyra Atoll Basketball Root Beer 23
Italy Basketball Renato Zero 20
Philippines Basketball Walo Walo 20
Serbia Basketball Dusan Blagojevic 20
Philippines Basketball Mikhael Layese 19
USA Basketball Ron Artest 18
Latvia Basketball Vilis Svilpastis 16
Taiwan Basketball Shih Chen Wei 16
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Top Players In Blocks
Philippines Basketball Equal Stretch 29
Azerbaijan Basketball Gunter Lang 27
Canada Basketball The End 27
Montenegro Basketball Mihailich Illic 27
USA Basketball Kenneth Faried 23
Jamaica Basketball Majstor Lale 22
Turkey Basketball Omer Asik 21
Philippines Basketball Sarson Mamalit 20
China Basketball Vampire Zack 16
Bosnia and Herzegovina Basketball Saras Brizas 15
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Top Players In Rebounds
Azerbaijan Basketball Gunter Lang 165
Jamaica Basketball Majstor Lale 152
Bosnia and Herzegovina Basketball Saras Brizas 123
Serbia Basketball Dusan Blagojevic 106
Philippines Basketball Wilson Nelson 96
USA Basketball Kenneth Faried 93
Australia Basketball Carlos Squirrel 92
Turkey Basketball Omer Asik 92
Philippines Basketball Walo Walo 90
China Basketball Vampire Zack 84
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vezara (436 posts)

Great win for 99942 Apophis!

10 years ago by vezara (436) | Unlike (1) | Comment | Open
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KobeSon (54 posts)

I hope that we got a good final game....

11 years ago by KobeSon (54) | Like | Comment | Open
torri90 (42 posts)

Hi, the final is in the day 52. Why do you put as winners as Bk Antuzu? I don´t like see that.. Manager of Torrrejon Machacha

11 years ago by torri90 (42) | Unlike (1) | Comment | Open
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