DAY 69 / 69 OF SEASON 46
Brazil Cup
  168 Fixtures & Results Stat Leaders HOF
Top Players In Points
Brazil Basketball Long Bomber 108
USA Basketball Guima Gole 87
Russia Basketball Elton Brand 81
Germany Basketball Red Baron 77
Poland Basketball Cortez The Maker 76
Lithuania Basketball Serious Damage 72
United Kingdom Basketball Flipas 62
Israel Basketball Asaf P A 62
Argentina Basketball Saint John 57
Andorra Basketball Asaf Pan 57
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Top Players In Assists
Philippines Basketball Saint Robyn 36
Aruba Basketball ♦ Lesson ♦ 30
Argentina Basketball Agen Kolar 28
Andorra Basketball Deshawn Stevenson 24
Lithuania Basketball Eric Disouza 23
Latvia Basketball Andis Pinka 21
Andorra Basketball Pan Asaf 21
Andorra Basketball Asaf Pan 20
Liechtenstein Basketball Almog Pa 17
United Kingdom Basketball Flipas 17
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Top Players In Steals
Andorra Basketball Deshawn Stevenson 27
Italy Basketball Gianluca B. Walker 18
Argentina Basketball Agen Kolar 17
Italy Basketball Steve Walker 12
Cyprus Basketball Light Speedy 11
Lithuania Basketball Eric Disouza 11
USA Basketball Defense Cleaner 10
Philippines Basketball ♦ Z Dynasty's ♦ Akuma 9
Canada Basketball George Leaf The Thief 9
Bahamas, The Basketball Red Sand 8
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Top Players In Blocks
Philippines Basketball One John Five Eighteen 14
Lithuania Basketball Jason Safewall 12
USA Basketball Kevin Garnett 9
San Marino Basketball Little Walker 8
Poland Basketball Andrew Bogut 7
Israel Basketball Asaf P A 7
Spain Basketball Safe Harbour 6
Spain Basketball Fernando Romay 6
USA Basketball Timmy Duncan 6
Monaco Basketball Liel Pa 6
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Top Players In Rebounds
San Marino Basketball Little Walker 30
Russia Basketball Elton Brand 29
Israel Basketball Asaf P A 28
USA Basketball Defense Cleaner 28
Bosnia and Herzegovina Basketball Eric Gordon 27
Brazil Basketball Guilherme Loureiro 27
USA Basketball Dwight Howard 24
Brazil Basketball Marcos Varejão 24
Taiwan Basketball Triple H Hhh 21
Liechtenstein Basketball Almog Pa 21
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